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Public Speaking

General Audience
Policy makers
  • "The Optimal Taxation of Household Savings: the Rate of Return Allowance", 2016 (program PDF)
    Belgian Science Policy workshop ‘Measuring and mobilizing wealth for a cohesive, inclusive and fair society’
  • "Intergenerational Inequality in Welfare: Facts and Values", 2013 (information in Dutch)
    Belgian Institute for Public Finance
    Federaal Planbureau
  • "Assessing VAT-Reforms by Means of Microsimulation Models", 2012
    European Commission workshop TAXUD - ECFIN - JRC
  • "FLEMOSI: Implementing a New Country", 2012
    Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection
  • "FLEMOSI: Integrating VAT policies", 2012
    Flemish agency for Innovation by Science and Technology